Abril 2021

2020 Salmon Industry Balance High Yield (kg/smolt), High Harvest Weights and Increased of Harvest Biomass the Outstanding Indicators of the year 2020. Despite the increase in mortality, good results were […]


December 2020

Q3-2020 Salmon Industry Balance The productive results of the industry registered en January‐September 2020 period, dropped in the 3 cultivated species, mainly associated with the reduction of biomass, smolt input […]


March 2020

2019 Salmon Industry Balance For the Second Consecutive Year, High Harvest Weights, Low Mortality, and Productivity Improvements Marked the Results of the Year. The good productive results of the industry […]


March 2019

2018 Salmon Industry Balance 2018 Productive Results: Higher Harvest Weight, Low Mortality and Better Productivity The industry productive results showed an increase in productivity for the 3 species farmed compared […]


September 2018

2017 Salmon Industry Balance 2017 Productive Results: Better Productivity and Low Mortality The industry productive results showed an increase in productivity for the 3 species farmed compared with 2016, which […]


March 2017

2016 Salmon Industry Balance 2016 Productive Results Affected by Harvest Reduction and Mortality Increase. Due to the impact produced by the Algae Bloom during the first months of the year, […]


October 2016

SALMON INDUSTRY BALANCE UP TO AUGUST 2016 Improvement in Smolt Stocking and Harvest Reduction: Featured Productive Indicators during the Period During the last few months, there has been an improvement […]


May 2016

Salmon Industry Balance to April 2016 High mortality and low harvest impacts productivity negatively. During february and march 2016, algae Bloom episodes and the low harvest in sea sites and […]


January 2016

ANNUAL PRODUCTION BALANCE 2015 Once again an important reduction in Atlantic Salmon smolt stocking, the most important species for the industry, was observed in December 2015. The indicator decreased 28% […]


Reduction of Smolt Stocking, November 2015

Accumulated stocking of Atlantic Salmon and Rainbow Trout smolts showed an average reduction of 11.6% in November 2015, compared with the same first 11 months of 2014. Per species, the […]