Since the creation of Aquabench, we have done several Research and Development (R&D) projects, required by groups of salmon or trout farming companies, or by related institutions. For their design and implementation, we use our experience, knowledge and networks, generating permanent innovation and progress for the industry.

ISA VIRUS. In 2007 we developed a research project on the ISA virus, in which the main risk factors related to ISA dissemination in the industry were determined. From the conclusions achieved, standards and risk assessment schemes were developed, which became the basis of the agreements made by the industry and which were then included in the industry regulations.

BROODSTOCK. Later, we carried out a project to optimize the results in the process of broodstock screening.

ANALYSIS. We also develop information tools for the industry, such as systematic analysis for the control of Caligidosis for Intesal, and the sanitary and productive monthly analysis of Salmon Concession Groups (SCGs).

CALIGUS. At present, we are working on a Project for the Control of Caligus for a group of companies that are exposed to the parasite.