Aquabench was created in 2007, although its founders have been involved in health and production consulting companies since the late 80s. The company was created to respond to an urgent need of aggregate analysis and benchmarking in the Chilean salmon farming industry that was beginning to experience one of its deepest sanitary crisis. Aquabench played an important role at that time, by timely analyzing and systematizing production and sanitary information from a large number of fish producers in order to set up a representative scenario of the industry aggregate level. With the passing of time, Aquabench started diversifying its services:

REPORTS.. Aquabench began developing a number of reports of productive benchmarking at an aggregated level, which were adapted depending on the needs of the producers and other users. Today the company produces various reports, with information provided by the industry and the authorities such as Sernapesca, Subpesca and Customs.

RESEARCH AND CONSULTING.. Together with the area of Reports, the company implemented the areas of Research Projects and Consulting, driven by the representativeness and quality of the analysis made by Aquabench.

AUDITS.Aquabench created around 2009 its Biosecurity Audit Service, which operates in relation to the new post-ISA-virus-crisis regulatory framework, thus making a contribution to the new industry standards.