Our area of audits has been developed mainly on Biosecurity, an essential set of rules and procedures for the prevention and control of high-risk diseases that affect hydrobiological species, which are part of the Aquaculture Regulation since the end of the last decade.

METHOD. Our audit program includes the gathering and analysis of the conditions, development of a work plan, follow-up and later evaluation of the impact of the improvements introduced. We perform audits throughout the complete salmon and trout production chain, particularly at critical stages, such as:

  • HATCHERIES. It consists of the analysis of the biosecurity conditions of the farming sites and of an audit made to the cleaning and disinfection processes carried out when there is a change of fish stocks.
  • FISH TRANSPORT. On trucks and ships. The audit covers two processes, one at the level of structure that determines the existence of adequate conditions for fish transport and for appropriate cleaning and disinfection; and a second one that is related to the cleaning and disinfection process itself. Here, we use cameras to inspect piping and swabs to take samples from surfaces with signs of organic matter in order to evaluate cleaning and determine the concentration of disinfectants by means of titration. The Audit Report is generated within a period of 6 hours maximum.
  • VACCINATION. At farming sites. It consists of an audit made to the process, personnel, materials and fish vaccination equipment in the FW areas of the salmon and trout farming companies. The objective is to ensure optimal conditions and procedures in order to reduce the risk of introduction of pathogens to the sites through the entrance of materials, personnel and external equipment that do not belong to those sites, as well as improving better development of the fish immunological conditions.
  • NET WORKSHOPS. This audit aims at eliminating possible risk factors of contamination due to infectious agents at net workshops, thus avoiding crossed contamination between dirty nets before being washed and disinfected and clean nets prepared to be dispatched to the farming sites.

CERTIFIED PROCESS. Aquabench Audit Service has been certified under the international standard ISO 9001-2008 since 2010.