danielwoywoodFRIDAY 27th OF MARCH, 2015.

Aquabench informed that Daniel Woywood, current Technical Manager of the company, has recently become part of the company owners. Founded in 2007, Aquabench supports the Chilean salmon farming industry through analysis, research projects and consulting. “Having a new partner strengthens the company, supports its growth and prepares it to face new projects,” said Joel Leal, Aquabench General Manager.

Daniel Woywood is a Veterinarian who studied at Universidad Austral de Chile and has a Masters Degree on Sustainable Aquaculture from the University of Stirling in the UK. He joined Aquabench the same year of the creation of the company (2007) and soon became the Technical Manager, position that he has held since then. In that position he has developed the area of Biosecurity services. He is currently the Technical Coordinator of the Coordinated Caligus Control Plan and of the Coordinated Piscirickettsiosis Control Program, which the company carries out for the salmon farming industry.

In addition to Woywood, the current owners of the company are Oscar Gárate, Joel Leal and Rodrigo Esquivel.


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