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We aim at optimizing business management, thus improving the productivity and efficiency of our customers’ farming activities.

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We make 12 different reports that describe the current productive and sanitary situation of the salmon farming activity in Chile and show trends for the main industry indicators.
We carry out biosecurity audits throughout the complete salmon and trout production chain, especially during critical stages, such as Hatcheries, Fish Transport, Vaccination and Net Workshops. We are certified under ISO 9001.
We lead Research and Development Projects required by groups of salmon or trout farming companies or by related institutions, generating innovation and permanent progress for the industry.
We respond to the demand for an expert opinion given by professionals in the areas of Fish Health and Production, generating technical reports and recommendations for improvement. We include topics that range from due diligence processes, fish stock assessment, consulting on veterinary topics to market research.

Abril 2021

2020 Salmon Industry Balance

  • High Yield (kg/smolt), High Harvest Weights and Increased of Harvest Biomass the Outstanding Indicators of the year 2020. Despite the increase in mortality, good results were maintained in the main productive indicators of the industry in the three species farmed.

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Aquabench’s Productive Information Analysis Area provides 12 reports to various industry users. Its aim is to deliver timely information on the current status and trends of the main production and sanitary indicators of the industry, from data provided by the companies themselves and by the authorities such as Sernapesca, Subpesca and Customs.


Reduction of Smolt Stocking, November 2015

Accumulated stocking of Atlantic Salmon and Rainbow Trout smolts showed an average reduction of 11.6% in November 2015, compared with the same first 11 months of 2014. Per species, the largest drop has been observed in trout with a reduction of 30.2%, followed by Atlantic Salmon with a decrease of 4.7%. Meanwhile, Coho Salmon has […]


New partner in Aquabench

FRIDAY 27th OF MARCH, 2015. Aquabench informed that Daniel Woywood, current Technical Manager of the company, has recently become part of the company owners. Founded in 2007, Aquabench supports the Chilean salmon farming industry through analysis, research projects and consulting. “Having a new partner strengthens the company, supports its growth and prepares it to face […]


Aquabench advises Sealand Aquaculture during Global G.A.P. Certification.

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) was the company that gave the Global G.A.P. Certification to both farming sites that belong to Sealand Aquaculture. “Complying with this international standard is important to support the good practices that we are currently applying in our hatcheries. In turn, the standard involves having a rigorous internal follow-up of food safety, […]

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